Irá o papel substituir os e-readers?

Um divertido artigo sobre a revolução digital pode ser lido aqui. Alguns excertos:

One clear difference between e-readers and paper is smell. Proponents of paper have touted that as a huge advantage over electronic readers. The magazine we tested actually smelled like chemicals but the books gave off a strange but comforting scent a bit like the smell of an old suitcase. Although the scent is currently not used to aid storytelling, it does give reading a paper book a weird and authentic feeling.

Current paper books offer no way of searching through them. What you get is basically a fixed and linear story without hyperlinks or the search box you are accustomed to. The books do allow you to flip through pages by holding your thumb on the side and bending the book. It is a great feature to impress people but not practical for daily use. The pages flip by too fast to read any text.

The books also have no included dictionary which means you will have to buy a separate one, in the form of another book – often at a higher price than the book you bought in the first place. We kept double-clicking words in the magazine hoping to find out their meaning. I guess over time you will get used to the fact that you really can’t look up words from within books and magazines, but it freaked us out.

Right on!